Desi Moji is the first emoji app that represents the culture, people, food and lifestyle of the Desi – or South Asian – subcontinent, and is the most comprehensive cultural custom emoji keyboard available on the mobile market. With more than 1,100 unique emoji stickers, Desi Moji allows people all over the world to express their “Desi” heritage on social networks, in text messages, WhatsApp, emails, and more.


We are a group of passionate multiethnic friends inspired by our different backgrounds to fill a cultural void in the mobile market. The current emoji market lacks diversity, and while there are emojis with different skin tints, there are not many emoticons that embrace other ethnic communities.  We created Desi Moji because we wanted a mobile app that lets people communicate their “Desi” side with their friends, family, and colleagues in a casual and fun way.

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